HoopSpeak Live: Kobe, Rodman, and Stern

Episode 14 of HoopSpeak Live featured interviews with Kevin Pelton and Myles Brown. As always, it also featured weekly segments starring Beckley Mason, Ethan Sherwood Strauss, and Zach Harper. Watch those below and hear Ethan compare Zach to Jon Stewart.

Take the bacon (Zach vs. Beckley on Kobe Bryant):

Rumors from Ethan’s head (Dennis Rodman didn’t hurt his team’s offenses):

David Stern + Dagger/Smash/Noted (Where Zach says, “I don’t wear pants and live on my couch.”):


HoopSpeak Live airs Thursdays at 5PM Eastern right here on HoopSpeak.com. You can follow the show with the #hoopspeaklive hashtag.

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