HoopSpeak Live 22: The Clips

This week on the show, we had two returning HSL guests: John Krolik and Rob Mahoney. We also had a guest host — Tom Haberstroh from The Heat Index filled in for Zach, who’s in New York. Here are all of the clips:

[Click here for a YouTube playlist.]

:00 – :10 – Intro + Take the Bacon [Lockout talk and the role of mediator George Cohen, then a debate on Tyson Chandler's value.]

:10 – :18 – Rumors From Ethan’s Head [On a renegade basketball league on HBO.]

:18 – :35 – Person Of Interest: John Krolik [Part 1, Part 2 - John talks Heat/LeBron and more.]

:35 – :49 – Person Of Interest: Rob Mahoney [Part 1, Part 2 - Rob talks about the Mavs, role players, and more.]

:49 – :56 – Audience Question + Dagger/Smash/Noted [On roster size, finding NBA alternatives, NFL LeBron, and Claudio Sabatini/Kobe.]

HoopSpeak Live airs every Thursday right here on HoopSpeak.com. You can follow the show with the #hoopspeaklive hashtag, and you can follow our guests at @johnkrolik and @RobMahoney.

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