HoopSpeak Live 31: The Clips

Hey, we get to discuss actual regular season basketball now. How awesome is this? On today’s HSL, we had two first time guests: David Thorpe of ESPN.com’s Scouts Inc. and Jeff “Skin” Wade of ESPNDallas.com and the Mavs’ television broadcasts. The guys talked about everything from Russell Westbrook’s maturity to Ricky Rubio’s passing to Sean Williams’s puking. Here are the clips:

[Click here for a YouTube playlist.]

:00 – :10 – Player Height & Rumors From Ethan’s Head [Read Ethan's latest piece first. Also, Ethan's hearing the Mavs won't make the playoffs.]

:10 – 33 – Person Of Interest: David Thorpe [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - The Magic, centers' low-post scoring, rookies, way more.]

:33 – 51 – Person Of Interest: Skin Wade [Part 1, Part 2 - Mavs talk. Sean Williams, Carlisle, Cardinal, way more.]

:51 – :56 – Audience Questions: Sixers & Westbrook [Spoiler: Zach is not a fan of Spencer Hawes.]

:56 – :58 – Dagger/Smash [On players putting on/losing weight, plus the Westbrook/Durant drama.]

Note it: This week’s Noted has been lost. If/when it’s found, this page will be updated. I just babbled about Jerome Randle and Ricky Davis, anyway.

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