HoopSpeak Live 34: The Clips

Today on the show, we welcomed Mike Prada to talk Wizards and Haralabos Voulgaris to talk about betting on basketball, statistics, and defense. Other topics discussed include contract extensions, LeBron’s left hand, whether or not Anthony Davis is basically Marcus Camby, and various Warriors-related things because Ethan loves the Warriors so much. Here is the show in a handy YouTube playlist:

Here are the individual clips:

:00 – :04 – Intro + LeBron’s Left Hand [Beckley introduces the show, then argues with Zach about LeBron's left hand.]

:04 – :11 – Kevin Love and Lamar Odom [Love's contract extension, the strange Odom situation in Dallas.]

:11 – : 23 – Person Of Interest: Mike Prada [Part 1, Part 2 - Wizards talk. BLATCHE!]

:23 – :37 – Person Of Interest: Haralabos Voulgaris [Part 1, Part 2 - Betting, stats, defense, and the charging violation.]

:37 – :44 – Rumors From Ethan’s Head [Beckley and a couple of grumpuses discuss Anthony Davis.]

:44 – :51 – Audience Questions [Talking about the Wolves and JaVale McGee, when Ethan isn't distracted by emails from important people.]

:44 – :58 – League Average [Assessing the 2008 draftees who were and were not extended.]

:58 – 1:03 – Dagger/Smash/Noted [Kobe, "C'mon, Warriors," Zach's DirecTV.]

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