The Daily Peep, Jan. 11

  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk on Andrea Bargnani’s devleopment: “What seems different is his shots seem less contested — watching a number of his attempts from last season and this (thank you Synergy) he is getting cleaner looks. If that means putting the ball on the floor and turning a three into an 18 footer without a hand in his face, he’s doing it. If he can get all the way to the rim he is, something he did not do in previous years.” Having watched almost every minute of his this season and way too many of his minutes in previous years, I wholeheartedly agree. On defense, his transformation this year has been obvious. On offense, the changes are more subtle:  If he pump-fakes and there’s a lane to the basket, he’s going all the way. If there isn’t, he’s shooting a pull-up J and he’s likely making it. At times, you might want him to go inside a little bit more, but the vast majority of the time he’s making the right decision. He’s an incredibly tough cover.
  • At Hardwood Paroxysm, Danny Chau writes about the Wizards and dead bees and you should read it.
  • Have you considered Philadelphia as a possible Dwight Howard destination? It would have the space after using the amnesty clause on Elton Brand. From Larry Coon’s chat: They’d clear $18.1M in cap room by giving Brand the axe. Right now they’ve got $57.5M committed to 2012-13, so getting that down to around $39 million (minus cap holds for things like draft picks) could allow them to make a run at Howard. They’d be able to talk to Dwight, get a commitment from him, and THEN amnesty Brand to create the room, so if they can’t land Dwight, they’d still have Brand. I think the Sixers are probably in the running if Dwight becomes a FA.”
  • Chad Ford, asked in a chat if he’d prefer to build around John Wall or Ricky Rubio: “Rubio, no question. But I’m not writing off Wall. He has the ability to be a superstar in the NBA. He’s in a terrible culture on a terrible team right now. Hopefully that won’t permanently stunt his growth. But Wall’s superior athletic abilities could allow him to be a transcendent player if he gets it.” How many people would have answered this way a month ago? I’m not saying I disagree with him, but wow. I love how Rubio is playing. I also think Wall is way better than he’s showing right now. The “terrible culture on a terrible team” thing is important.
  • Speaking of Rubio, Brett Koremenos examines how he handled Chicago’s defense at NBA Playbook. Spoiler: he handled it well! He’s awesome! #puppybreathandcinnamon
  • Gothic Ginobili has become a must-read blog for me. Check out their latest, it’s about Richard Jefferson and Chris Paul.
  • A nice feature on the perseverance of Anthony Tolliver. Everyone likes this guy. TBJ showed him some love last week and, according to Zach, he’s “a joy to talk to.”
  • Try not to love Reggie Jackson after reading Darnell Mayberry’s profile.
  • I am jacked that this will be an ongoing series: Rafe Bartholomew on last night’s awful, awful Raptors/Wizards game.
  • Byron Mullens will be selling “Mullens Mafia” shirts. I would like one.
  • Sports science: Kevin Love vs. a sumo wrestler:

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