The Daily Peep, Feb. 3

  • Seth Rosenthal is not happy about Rajon Rondo potentially coming back tonight against the Knicks. I am.
  • Something I’m not happy about: the news that Greg Oden is having more surgery. Pretty bummed, in fact. Can’t believe it’s been more than two years since I read this heartfelt piece by Holly MacKenzie.
  • This Mike Prada piece on John Wall and the “footbalization” of the NBA is interesting. It’s not just that Wall’s teammates are bad, it’s that they don’t know and accept their roles. Wall would have an easier time running the team if he had a solid screen-setter or stretch four out there instead of Andray Blatche, who is undoubtedly talented but is not the easiest guy to share the floor with. It’s easier to set up Kyle Korver than Nick Young. I’m really curious to see what Wall looks like next year, with presumably a revamped roster around him in Washington.
  • Norris Cole’s stats have dipped drastically since his hot start to the season and I saw him referred to as “terrible” in a blog post today. According to Erik Spoelstra in an interview with Tom Haberstroh, we should relax a little bit: “We have perspective on where he is in his career. I want to keep it simple for him. I want him to be aggressive. I want him to be a bulldog defensively. I want him to change the tempo when he comes in there. He’s learning our stuff defensively on the fly. He’s a mature kid. He’ll get better as the year goes on, but it’s never going to be a straight incline of improvement. It never is with young players. Sometimes he’ll look like a veteran player and sometimes he’ll look like a rookie. We feel very secure about our point guard position for the future, with both him and Mario being under 25.”
  • Another quote from that Spo interview (seriously, read the whole thing): “I think the players wouldn’t admit it, but they probably enjoy this season better. There are more games and less practices. They enjoy all of the action, night after night. They would love to play all games and have no practices (laughs).”
  • John Bennett watched the Knicks/Bulls game last night with his eyes on New York’s point guards. Here’s what he took away from it.
  • Andrew Bynum will make his first All-Star Game appearance this season. Last weekend during the All-Star Weekend, he hanging out in a fighter plane.
  • In the D-League: Skip To My Lou and, soon, a rehabbing Malcolm Lee.
  • Of course the Thunder are too nice to do much rookie hazing. Daequean Cook on Reggie Jackson: “He hangs out with us. We don’t make him too much, probably a few runs (for food or coffee) here and there, but nothing too out the way.
  • I love that Metta World Peace tells Andrew Goudelock to pretend he’s Allen Iverson and his teammates are “the bums” when he’s on the court.
  • You might have seen this amazing Isaiah Thomas block already. I’m putting it here so you can re-watch it:

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