The Daily Peep, March 19

Michael Katz’s NBA Nonsense Notebook.

Great feature on Harrison Barnes. I, too, have four names.

A podcast with Keith “Shot Doc” Veney, Tyreke Evans’ shooting coach.

Bethlehem Shoals on Mike D’Antoni

I hate these camo uniforms so much.

Rob Mahoney on Z-Bo, Stack Jack and a couple of Blazers.

Is it weird that I already had this photo saved on my hard drive?

Everything you need to know about Kaleb Canales.

Ethan on Monta.

Learning from Gerald Green.

Maybe we should start paying attention to the Suns.

Jason Terry on the Richard Jefferson/Stephen Jackson swap:

“They wanted to get Jefferson out of there and if you can get Stephen Jackson for Richard Jefferson I would have done it, too. And (Jefferson is) a Wildcat. But that’s just a no-brainer.”

Gary Forbes manages his diabetes just fine. (h/t Holly MacKenzie)

C.A. Clark on Kobe’s really, really bad shooting night.  (h/t  Danny Chau)

Evan Turner needed time.


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