The Daily Peep, March 20

“If you ask me, the power forward position in the NBA is tough. You’ve got guys night in and night out. Just look at our trip right now. We have (LaMarcus) Aldridge coming up; David Lee we just played.

“Antawn Jamison with the Cavs, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Bosh, Amar’e Stoudemire. I don’t miss that at all, you might say.”

  • From a chat, Mavs pbp guy Mark Followill on Rodrigue Beaubois’ recent play:

This is one of his best sustained stretches of his career. He’s playing under control, he’s looking to penetrate in a north-south way more often and he is competing defensively. I really like what I have seen in a lot of the games since the All-Star break but especially in the last week.

Rick Carlisle was very patient with Beaubois in this one. There were several times in the game where one could almost feel a quick hook coming, but to Carlisle’s credit he let Beaubois play through his mistakes. That not only turned out well in terms of Beaubois finding a good rhythm (and doing a respectable job on the defensive end), but also kept Kidd’s minutes down. Well played by all involved.

“When he got the job, I told him, ‘Hold me accountable,’ ” Anthony said of new interim coach Mike Woodson. “I don’t have a problem with criticism. If I can do something to help better this team, let me know. And he’s been doing that.”

Again, call me crazy, but it sure seems like Anthony believes that Woodson has done a better job than D’Antoni at holding him accountable (he certainly hasn’t helped the small forward recapture his shooting form). I’m sorry, but if you’re holding yourself out there as one of the best players in the world, how, exactly, is it that you need someone to hold you accountable? Shouldn’t you be holding yourself accountable?

Maybe you wonder who’s the leader in the locker-room. John Wall is in charge of shouting the rallying cry, and when it is necessary for anyone to speak for the players or to the team, it’s his job as well. The mood in the locker-room and at practice is, of course, dependant on the team’s results. When we won in New Orleans, immediately there was a more relaxed atmosphere. So then you can afford some horseplay at practice.

“I’m an up-tempo guy, a guy who gets after it and can be that pest,” he said. “You know how when you are outside and there’s that fly, flying around your face and you keep swatting it away but you can’t get to it? That’s the guy I am out there on the court. And I’m a guy guys gravitate toward. A leader.”

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