The Daily Peep, March 21

“I don’t want to be 60 before I’m 40. I don’t want to be broken down.”

“The day before our first practice his freshman year – this is a guy who is a top-five player in the country; I’ve never had a player do this – he came by my office and was nervous about practice the next day,” says Floyd. “He said, ‘Coach, I want you to be patient with me while we’re out here tomorrow.’ I said, ‘Why DeMar?’ He said, ‘Because I’ve never had to play man-to-man defense and don’t understand any of these drills that I saw a year ago. And it’s going to be an adjustment for me, but I’m going to listen and I’m going to try.’

SLAM: Do you and Vince Carter chuckle at being cousins who were once two of the NBA’s most athletic players and today are on the opposite end of that status?

TM: [Laughs] I called him the other day and asked him how he felt. He said he felt good but I said, I’m watching you, and you don’t look like you feel good.

  • In honor of Boris Diaw’s Charlotte buyout and possible imminent San Antonio signing:

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