The Daily Peep, March 27

  • I generally don’t link TrueHoop stuff because I assume you’ve read it… but just in case you missed Justin Verrier’s Tony Allen piece from today, yeah, read it now.
  • Something to keep in mind from Jake Appleman’s Bucks/Knicks piece at The New York Times:

Monday’s loss was not a death knell for the Bucks’ playoff aspirations because the remaining schedule favors them. The Bucks play eight teams currently not in playoff positions, and 11 of their final 17 games are at home. Their only elite opponent is the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Meanwhile, excluding a matchup against the Bucks on April 11 in Milwaukee, the Knicks have five games remaining against teams not holding playoff spots. In their last 16 games, the Knicks are at home seven times and have to face the Chicago Bulls twice and the Miami Heat once. While the Bucks’ strength of schedule so far puts them in the middle of the pack, the Knicks have had the league’s easiest path.

  • This is another reminder that you should read Britt Robson’s power rankings. From this week’s Houston Rockets section, on the lovable Chandler Parsons:

Last week, the 6-9 Parsons blanketed Kobe Bryant as the Rockets rallied in the fourth quarter to beat the Lakers; led Houston in scoring and rebounds in a win against Golden State; converted a game-tying three-pointer in the final seconds of regulation and had a double-double in an overtime loss to Dallas; and had 16 points, eight rebounds and five assists in a comeback victory over Sacramento. Coach Kevin McHale has found the rookie increasingly indispensable — his minutes have climbed every month. He has a knack for shoring up weaknesses; with point guard Kyle Lowry out with a bacterial infection, his assists have nearly doubled in March, to 3.5 per game.

Midway through the first quarter, we are blessed with greatness. Iconic sitcom actor Alan Thicke arrives and sits about seven rows back with his ladyfriend, who feeds him popcorn by hand between sips of Diet Coke. From now until halftime, I find it difficult to focus on the game. Instead, I peer to my left every 15 seconds, hoping to catch the moment when Thicke’s companion deposits a Popcornopolis morsel into his mouth.

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