The Daily Peep, March 6

“It’s literally one of the saddest stories in the NBA. If I could pick one player and say “you get to live the last 5 years over again-but you get to remember everything that has happened”, he’d be the one. He was literally the best one on one scorer under 6’4 in the league.”

  • Tim McMahon, speaking to Jason Terry about who gets in teammates’ faces now that Tyson Chandler is gone:

“Delonte West is that guy for us, and he’s hurt right now so we try to do it collectively,” Terry said. “It’s not the character of some of our guys. It just is what it is.”

Delonte West? A newcomer with a minimum contract is the guy who gets in teammates’ faces on a team defending its title?

“He’s one of the toughest guys pound per pound in the league,” Terry said. “Now, you can look at Jason Kidd the same way, but you’ve got to piss him off first. [West] comes in fists flying and he’s ready. You don’t have to rev him up. He’s ready from the get-go.”

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