The Daily Peep, Apr. 17

  • There’s a lot to love about this Kobe Bryant Q&A from Sports Radio Interviews. I cannot overstate how much I enjoy that he started an answer with, “Alright let me give you a Black Mamba answer.” Also, there’s this, on a dinner conversation with Metta World Peace:

I said ‘Metta do you know, first of all World Peace is a hot name, it’s a dope name.’  Then he started looking at me out of the corner of his eye and was like ‘okay where are you going with this?’ I said ‘some people believe for us to achieve world peace the only way that can be achieved is through sheer will and through force of nature so sometimes you just have to go and conquer the territory and that’s when you establish world peace.’ He’s looking and he’s like ‘huh?’ I said ‘man you go out there and kick butt and then you establish order.’ He’s like ‘okay, I’ve got it.’

“What we’re going to find out over the next two years is, does he have the ability to develop a jump shot and not be strictly a full-court player, a transition player? Can he be a halfcourt point guard who can run a team? Ultimately, if you’re going to have success, it’s because you have success in the playoffs.”

Not a surprise: Bobcats have the NBA's worst offense by pts/possession so far in April. Surprise: Bulls are next worst.
Tom Haberstroh


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