The Daily Peep, Apr. 18

Shout-out to the two rather obnoxious individuals sitting behind me! One was a Knicks fan who just had to provide running, repetitive, cliche-ridden commentary on everything that took place. I heard dozens of iterations of “Why is Baron Davis even out there?”, “Steve Novak is one of the best shooters in the league. Bar none.” (he really kept saying “bar none”), and “Melo is having the game of his life. One for the ages!” (he really kept saying “one for the ages”). This did not stop. Not ever. The other guy, I guess, wasn’t that obnoxious. He was just a Celtics fan who kept yelling pro-Celtics things (which, I guess, is what Celtics fans do) while failing to grasp the nature of the crowd around him. People kept yelling “PAUL PIERCE SUCKS!”, and he’d reply with something like “HE HAS 40 POINTS! HE’S THE BEST PLAYER ON THE FLOOR!”. We know, sir. That’s why we feel compelled to yell about him. We don’t like him and we’re not really being reasonable.

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