HoopSpeak Live 50: The Clips

Happy 50th episode to HSL! On this 80-minute epic, we welcomed Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman and Graydon Gordian of 48 Minutes Of Hell to the show. Brett Koremenos of NBA Playbook tried to drop by, too, but that plan was foiled by a spotty internet connection. Here’s the whole show, including lots of stories about Graydon:

Here’s how it breaks down into segments:

:00 – :09 – Intro + All-NBA Talk [Who's the most undeserving?]

:09 – :17 – Audience Questions [Blake/Amar'e and lots of talk about high pick and rolls.]

:17 – :31 – Person of Interest: Darnell Mayberry [On the Thunder.]

:31 – :56 – Person of Interest: Graydon Gordian [On the Spurs and… life.]

:56 – 1:07 – Heat/Pacers Talk [Previewing the game that is happening right… now.]

1:07 – 1:12 – Sixer Talk [Evan Turner and Above The Rim.]

1:12 – 1:20 – The Return of Graydon [I'm not sure how to describe this part.]

Note: You can find the audio-only version of HoopSpeak Live on iTunes. If you subscribe and/or write us a review, I promise that Zach will watch Above The Rim with you.

HoopSpeak Live airs every Thursday right here on HoopSpeak.com. You can follow the show with the #hoopspeaklive hashtag, and you can follow our guests at @DarnellMayberry and @graydongordian.

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