The Daily Peep, May 4

I cannot wait to see NBA Intervention, a new offseason reality show where “troubled” stars are saved and mentored by players who resemble them. Zach Randolph will tell Cousins to clean up his condo. Gerald Green will get chained to a shark. Monta Ellis will get a fake ID for himself. This year’s All-Rookie team wil huff a little together and then retire to a co-op

“I still can do a lot of the dunks that I used to do. Maybe not as hard or as high. But if it came down to it, I can still probably do the 360-windmill. It just probably wouldn’t be as spectacular, at least in my mind. Maybe to some people because they’ll say, ‘Oh, he’s 35. He can still put his arm in the rim.’ But it’s just I probably wouldn’t be able to put as much arm in the rim anymore. I’ll probably break my arm now. The only thing I probably don’t think I can do it probably the free throw line. Everything else, I think I can do.”

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