The Spurs offense in all its glory

[NOTE: Below is 15 beautiful minutes of the Spurs playbook. Zak Boisvert, and assistant at Iona College, designed his own nomenclature for these plays by combining the standardized names of each action within the play. So " "Power Mix Double Rip" signifies "power" action (a flex cut out of transition accompanied by a pass from point to trailer) into "mix" (signifies any kind of misdirection. In this case a dribble handoff back to the point guard) and "double rip" which would be a double back screen for the trailer that just handed it off to the point guard. Got it? Now enjoy ... -- Ed.]

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  1. [...] The nomenclature in this video is Boisvert’s. I’m guessing (but not sure) the Pacers don’t have a play called “Jungle Will Wing Duck POP,” though I have been fooled before. Each play name is a compilation of the involved actions. Where Boisvert sees something for the first time, he credits the team. EG– a dribble handoff is just “DHO,” a new look might be called “Indiana.” For more pro style playbook scouting, check out his Spurs playbook here. [...]

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