HoopSpeak Live 77: The Disciples of Clyde

By @AnthonyBain

Today’s guests are Dan Filowitz and Ken Drews of The Disicples of Clyde NBA Podcast.

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Hanging with the Disciples of Clyde

A couple weeks ago I sent a tweet to Ken Drew begging for him to have me on the very awesome FreeDarko Presents: The Disciples of Clyde Podcast. Yesterday, that begged wish became reality.

On the pod we talked about my experiences following summer basketball, and Kevin Durant, through the DC Pro-Am scene, LeBron’s post game, what makes a good head coach, whether the “scorer” label is a career-killer and the time host Dan Filowitz glared with undisguised hatred at Reggie Miller during the former Pacer’s speech at Indiana University.

Somewhere in there, I also declare that HoopSpeak Live is a web show dedicated to outing closet racists. Things got weird. But, it was a fun hour of hoops-related (loosely) talk, and I hope you’ll give it a listen!

Check it out.

(Or track it down on iTunes)


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