The rejuvenation of death

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Revenge is a dish best served like I like my steak — bloody.

Okay, I don’t think that’s an actual saying. Pretty sure I mashed up a snippet of 19th century European literature and a quote from Charles Rane right before he breaks free of custody whilst taking an airplane hostage in Passenger 57. However, I think the point still stands. Revenge is for everybody. We may want to pretend to be humble on most days, but other than Ricky Rubio, real housewives from anywhere, and dancing competitions, there is nothing people enjoy more than getting revenge.

During last season, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers were turned from contenders into afterthoughts. The axis of ego came together in Miami under the bright lights of a laser show, smoke machines and fireworks. The Chicago Bulls emerged from playoff scrapper into one of the best teams in the NBA. The Oklahoma City Thunder kept their slow and steady ascension into the elite tier of NBA teams moving forward. And the Dallas Mavericks stunned us all when they not only beat the Lakers in the second round of the playoffs, but waxed the floor with them so well that it caused us to immediately dismiss one of the more talented and title-ready teams in the NBA.

Where did that leave Kobe Bryant?
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