Warsaw driving school

It is very difficult to imagine everyday life without the ability to quickly and comfortably move from one location to another. Warsaw driving school plays a very important role in mobility, professionally preparing new students to drive their own car in the future. What are the benefits of choosing a driving school in the capital? Can foreigners also take the course to obtain a Polish driving license?

  • Warsaw driving school – reliable preparation for driving
  • It is possible to take the driving test if you are a foreigner

Warsaw driving school—reliable preparation for driving

It is very important that driving schools approach students’ learning professionally and responsibly. This increases road safety and improves people’s awareness of what can happen if they do not follow the rules.

At the professional Warsaw driving school, students are prepared for theoretical and practical exams.

You can learn the driving theory at any time because all the knowledge is available in the e-learning system. In addition to theoretical knowledge, each student receives access to tests. Solving them familiarises the student with the course of the theoretical examination. Only people who pass it can take the practical exam.

The practical driving licence course is 30 hours of driving with our driving instructors. If necessary, it is possible to purchase additional driving hours to practice before the exam. The driving school holds internal practical exams, which familiarise the student with emotions and teach him to respond appropriately to the examiner’s commands.

professional Warsaw driving school

It is possible to take the driving test if you are a foreigner

The driving course in is also intended for foreigners because it can be conducted in English. English driving school Warsaw accepts students who are foreigners staying in Poland for at least 6 months. You must also have a document confirming the legality of your stay. The PPK number, which allows a foreigner to take a course in Poland, is also very important.

English driving school Warsaw

Driving school Warsaw prepares foreigners for the state exam for a Polisch driving license. During the theoretical exam, the driver chooses English, and during the practical driving exam, the presence of a sworn translator is required.

It is also a place where you can complete an intensive course in a very short time – even in a few weeks.

There are many possibilities to adapt to the student and his needs. Just contact the driving school in Warsaw and choose the perfect solution for you. You will receive comprehensive answers to all your questions.


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