Sleep Well

One of the tips experts often give when it comes to getting quality sleep is to not eat close to the time you go to bed. Yet why do we always seem to sleep better after a good meal? Stuffed, sitting on the couch or in your favorite chair, it’s really easy to fall asleep, right? Naturally, that doesn’t quite mean you want to eat a large meal right before bed. There is a balance to this situation.

After dinner, it’s easy to start dozing off because your body is starting to digest the food. You are likely loaded with a few extra carbs, and that can cause you to get a little groggy. It’s that feeling you get when you eat a Thanksgiving meal and sit down for an expected nap. You might or might not fall asleep, but it’s good to relax.

These after-meal naps count for some great relaxation. How do they tie into the fact that it’s easier to sleep after a big meal? Well, first let’s address the fact that it’s not good to go to bed hungry. That sounds like a childhood punishment from back in the day, right? Well fine, go to your room, without dinner and go to bed.

In all seriousness, the idea here is that you want to eat a satisfying meal for dinner. A little precursor to bedtime sleeping can be enjoyed in that after meal relaxation on the couch post dinnertime. A couple of hours after you have eaten, you will be ready to lay vertical and get a good night’s sleep.

Another tip that you often hear in regards to getting a good night’s sleep is that you have to shut down your brain a little. If you lay there thinking about everything, then it’s going to take awhile to get to sleep. That’s why the idea of counting sheep was introduced. One thing about eating a big meal is that your digestive system needs more of your blood supply. But remember you will also need a conformable mattress! Sleeping on a mattress that is super comfy will make your night and morning amazing. If you don’t have a great mattress you can save by using coupons or discounts. There are mattress companies who provide coupons and some of them you can find on Brentwood Home Coupon Code (Discounts) – See the Recent Reviews! where it shows a step by step guide on how to use a promo code. This bed is also amazing especially if you speak during the night. Sometimes people don’t realize that they speak during their dream!

What this means for you is that your brain is supplied less blood. This is a natural process, and it is just part of your body being enabled to get some good rest. At the same time, it’s important to readdress the point about carbs mentioned earlier. If you want to forgo the drowsiness after you eat and just go to bed a couple of hours later on a full stomach, then a good diet is important.

It’s not just about the carbs. Good carbs are important. It’s about balanced eating, and it’s also about what you prefer out of dinner. Sometimes it’s good to eat a big meal of all of your favorites with family, forgoing the consequences and sitting around after dinner semi-napping together. After all, that sounds like Thanksgiving to me, right? And now you know more about why it’s easier to sleep after eating a big meal and how you can balance the situation for different days.


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